Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why Rahul Gandhi should be PM

First of all wish you all a very Happy Independence Day.

It was a bit more than an year ago, I last updated my blog. The results of general elections were declared and Dr. Manmohan Singh was all set to form the government for his second term amidst the TV channels screaming "Singh is King".

However, one year down the line Dr. Singh has nearly lost his mandate and his popularity is at an all time low. So who is the most popular politician right now? Sonia Gandhi... nayyyy.. Narendra Modi... I wish he was..... The most popular politician is none other than the yuvraaj of congress, Shri Rahul Gandhi. I wonder what has made him the most popular politician. As far as I know; though I do not watch much news on TV, I get my fair dose of news; no one knows his views on any of the issues India is facing right now. Be it inflation, Kashmir, Pakistan, Naxalism or anything under the sun, his views are not there in public domain. It isn't that he has done something of note as an administrator either. His move to install Omar Abdulla as the CM of J&K has backfired for everyone to see. So how come he is the most popular politician?

Maybe he has a very good PR team. Maybe people still have the slave mentality of following the dynasty. Maybe its his looks which tilts the balance in his favour. I don't know. But whatever it is its not related to anything substantial he has done so far.

So am I afraid that he will become the PM of India? On the contrary, I want him to become the PM of India. The reasons:

1) He will no longer enjoy powers without responsibility. He and his family have been enjoying free lunch for a long time now. I want that to end.

2) He is certain to fail spectacularly and that may prompt Indians to finally look beyond the congress dynasty which has contributed very little to the growth of India.

3) In the unlikely case of his success, India will get a young leader, which is not a bad thing.

4) Indians will get what they deserve. जब बोया पेड़ बबूल का तो आम कहाँ से खाओगे ?

I hope he becomes the PM soon. However, as far as I know him, he will not become the PM. Who doesn't want all powers without any responsibility?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Singh is Kinnng ?

The general elections got over and India is all set for the 15th Lok Sabha. Dr. Manmohan Singh becomes the only PM after Late Jawaharlal Nehru to come to power for the second consecutive term after completing a full 5 year term. I congratulate him for his fete. The news channels are playing the song "Singh is Kinng" non stop to emphasise the victory of unarguably the most decent politician in India today. However my question is, is the Singh REALLY King?

Among all the excitement among the congress leaders yesterday, the only person who got a mention as after thought was Dr. Singh. All the hype and hoopla was reserved for the Gandhi Dynasty. The statement of Jyotiraditya Scindia about Rahul Gandhi being the perfect candidate for becoming the PM ahead of Dr. Singh and scores of leaders saying the composition of cabinet is the prerogative of the PM and the decision will be taken by the party president clearly shows who is the real king.

If these were not all, the first press conference was addressed at the 10, Janpath. Come on man, you are the Prime Minister of the country. If you value the party, use the party head quarters for the address instead. The supremacy of the Gandhi Dynasty is what repulses me from the congress. Earlier it was just Mrs. Gandhi, now we have Rahul baba also. Who knows we might have Priyanka baby with her baby as well. Rahul Gandhi is set to get a plum ministry, he might get the post of Deputy PM also. That will be the perfect homage paid by Dr. Singh to the dynasty for letting him remain the PM. Lets see how he copes with all of them. The thing in his favour is the absence of troublesome allies as the people of India have got rid of most of the "King Makers" in the country.

However, everything is not as bad as it seems. Dr. Singh has a proven record as a PM and Finance Minister. We expect him to do well on the economy and the external affairs front and if he can get the house in order, he will be the person to take India truly into the 21st century. I wish him good luck and wish he really proves to be the King, so that I can join the news channels in singing "Singh is Kinng, Singh is Kinng".

Monday, May 04, 2009

Freakonomics in Food Court

Right now I am reading a book called "Freakonomics". I am sure you guys must have read it or would have atleast heard about it. If not then I'd strongly suggest you to grab a copy and go through it.

Now that the advertisement is over, lets concentrate on the post. I along with my team go to the food court of our office at around 2 pm for lunch. The reason being the food court is generally less crowded at that time. However, for the last month or so, the food court seems to be getting more and more crowded at that time. Initially, I thought the other people had got as smart as our team, however when the crowd kept growing and growing I started to look at other possible reasons for this population explosion in the food court. Thats where "Freakonomics" came into picture.

As a part of cost cutting, the internet access in our office was limited to 1 hr a day (1 pm - 2 pm). The reason given was people spend productive time browsing the net. This really angered the people at the time, however as is the case nobody really complained fearing backlash in the time of recession. What happened instead was people started using internet religiously in the allotted hour. Earlier we used internet when we needed it, whereas the restriction pushed people into creating a need for internet. The result, everyone could be found using the internet and hence no one was there in the food court.

Though I do not have the data to prove my point, I have a feeling that the man hour lost due to internet has gone up after the restriction......

Its funny how seemingly unrelated events are connected. Thats the theme of Freakonomics for you.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Menace of Terrorism

I generally do not write on political issues, however, the happenings in the last few months or so have compelled me to write something on the present situation.

Last week when I was flying to Delhi for an official visit, the city got rocked by the bomb blasts once again. As I was being taken to the company guest house, I was listening to the FM in the car. The RJ was urging the people to follow the spirit of Delhi & maintain calm & the next day people were being lauded as the normalcy had returned in Delhi. The same spirit of Delhi stuff was being repeated. I think we have taken to Gandhism or Gandhigiri, whatever you like to call it, too seriously. Otherwise what explains the series of bomb blasts other than the Gandhian Philosophy of presenting the other cheek when slapped once. We have been slapped not once, not twice but God knows how many times. However we continue to laud the so called spirits of our cities be it Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore or for that matter any city.I have a question, is this so called spirit really laudable or exemplary? Isn't this an act of cowardice on part of the government & the general citizens that some scums murder people in broad daylight and we continue our lives as nothing has happened.

Our government and the other political parties along with the so called champions of people like the media and the human rights groups are once again playing the blame game. The BJP wants a tough law to counter terrorism, while the government says will the same law be applicable to groups like Bajrang Dal etc. The media is playing the stooge and the human rights groups do not want any tough law. There is also a debate on what can be classified as terrorism. All this blame game is taking us nowhere and is a mere hogwash for the citizens.

First of all, let me define terrorism. Terrorism is an act of violence against civilians to achieve political or ideological objectives by creating fear. I think it is quite a clear definition and incorporates all types of terrorism which we are witnessing, be it the bomb blasts, killings in the name of religion or the vandalism against the North Indians in parts of Maharashtra.

So how to tackle it? The best way is to use the force. Remember what happened in Punjab. As long as the politicians were dilly dallying the issue, things were getting worse. Once force was used things came under control. Terrorism cannot be controlled as long as the terrorists are there. So to eliminate terrorism we have to eliminate the terrorists. We cant let a group of people to hold the general citizenary to ransom for whatever reason. Catch the terrorists and hang them in public view. A terrorist is a terrorist, he has no religion. Hence be it the SIMI or the Bajrang Dal or the MNS, all have to be meted with the same punishment. I can assure you that once 10 of them are killed things will start coming under control. Today situation has gone out of control as the terrorists take it for granted that they are above the law. What else can explain the fact that Afjal Guru is still alive despite being sentenced to death by the Supreme Court years ago. We have had enough talking. This is the time for action and showing the intent for eliminating this menace. The government and the opposition should come together in tackling this issue otherwise what has been shown in the movie "A Wednesday" might become a reality. And that is the day I dread as a law abiding citizen of this country.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

IIMs, Office & Chindichors.............................

A lot of things have happened in the last few weeks in my life. The results of IIM interviews were declared finally after a lot of confusion regarding the OBC reservation issue. I was successful in getting the calls from the three smaller ones, however I have decided to stick to the oil industry for the time being.

At the professional front, I faced something which proves that unless you are a big guy, people won't listen to you even if you are right. However, the moment of triumph came some 12 hours and a sleepless night later when people accepted the things when it was said by someone higher up the corporate ladder. Only if they had listened to me, I could have got a good saturday night sleep and my sunday wouldn't have been spent sleeping. By the way that decision also cost a few million bucks.

My friends are experiencing some corporate arm twisting and I think I am not very far from experiencing it myself. Hopefully I'll find some way of giving them back what I get from them.
I am increasingly finding myself a misfit in the baniyagiri setup of India's corporate world. The more I hate chindichors, the more chindichors I have to deal with. My current landlord is one of the bigger ones I have seen. Imagine a guy selling a flat for 25L + & then removing the curtain rods before handing over the flat. Maybe this chindichori is in the blood of a section of society hailed as the business gurus of India.

To be Continued............

Monday, February 25, 2008

आत्मा अमर है.........

Sometimes one has to be politically correct. There are people in this world who do not understand the difference between a satire and reality. Anyways, I think the job has been done and I thank everyone who appreciated my writing and for those who didn't no hard feelings. Someone said that ideas do not die, they continue to exist in people's mind. Ideas are like soul(aatma).

आत्मा अमर होती है, आत्मा मरती नही।
वह तो बस एक शरीर से दूसरे शरीर में चली जाती है।

Continue to watch this space for more of my thoughts and happenings in my life.

Monday, January 21, 2008

How NOT to Bell The CAT

Hi Friends.....

I have seen a lot of people writing blogs about their CAT experience. Some write how they prepared and some how they felt after belling the CAT. Being an eternal follower of masses, it is my duty to write about my experience.

Statutory Warning: Following my way can cause severe damage to your chances of belling the CAT.

Someone said that the chances of you cracking the CAT is directly proportional to the amount of hatred you have for your job. This is perhaps the only thing which explains my success. Here is my way of Belling the CAT:

1) Pay a huge sum of money to your coaching class to join the regular classroom coaching.
2) Do not attend more than 10 lectures.
3) Go to a place away from your home & office to see rocks day in & day out for some 40 days.
4) Take the rocks to a hospital & get them CAT scanned. (I'm not kidding)
5) Return to your place to find out that you have completely lost the urge to go to the coaching class for which you paid the huge sum.
6) Pretend you are preparing for CAT by taking the Mocks every sunday & forget the paper afterwards.
7) A day before the CAT go and watch Om Shanti Om as it clears your mind of every damn thing in the world. (Thanx Shahrukh :p)
8) Play 29 till 2:30 in the morning with fellow CAT takers.
9) Reach the center.
10) Start solving the quant section & fall in love with it. Do not leave it till half the test time is over.
11) Then go to the VA section hoping you wont be knowing much about the questions (past experience you know)
12) Suddenly find that you are actually solving the questions. Thanking the IIMs for the pleasant surprise keep solving for 45 mins.
13) Then suddenly realize that IIMs expect you to show your competence in all the three sections & you have only half an hour to show your competence in the DI section.
14) Jump to DI section and show you are quite competent when it comes to solving the sub standard CAT DI section.

On the result day check the percentiles to find out you have aced it by securing 99.95%ile [:)]